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DSR - Daily Sales Records Application is a simple and time efficient app which enables a small business owner to record and save daily total sales, taxable sales and non-taxable sales on phones, tablets and in the cloud server. Daily sales for the month are organized in a monthly sales log, for reporting on Federal and State tax returns. The entire process of recording and saving data takes less than a couple of minutes.



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Features of DSR:
1- Daily sales record app is perfect for sole proprietorship restaurant owners, Grocery stores and other small business owners, who don't have time and help to record and archive daily taxable sales, non-taxable sales and gross sales amounts for reporting on monthly, quarterly and yearly tax returns.
2- Enable users to quickly save and archive sales data in less than 5 minutes.
3- This app enables users to pull up, up to 4 years of prior years daily sales data as needed.
4- This data enables small business owners to analyse sales trends on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


Additional DSR App features:
1- Taking images of sale summary/credit card report direct from your phone/tablet.
2- Email of these records to yourself in excel format
3- Bar charts to show your sales statistical data.
4- Online backup functionality.


Recent DSR App Enhancements:
1. Enhanced GUI Design.
2. Added DSR Records Images gallery.
3. Added online DSR synchronization for multiple devices to be able to synchronize their daily sales records including the pictures that they have backed up on DSR.
4. Added a dozen more currencies including USD, GBP, EUR & CAD. This enables more users from around the globe to be able to use this App.


DSR Daily Sales Record App is free for the first two months to allow users to test the app and get used to it. From the 3rd month there is a charge of $5 per month or $50 per year.